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Mama’s Vegan Torta De Acelga

Torta de acelga is a must when you think of a "traditional" Gibraltar menu. Filling and nutritious, this dish has always been served up at family gatherings, so having a vegan option that everyone can enjoy was a target I'm happy to have achieved.

Mama’s White Wine Peach Sangria

Why not change up your favourite sangria with a lighter alternative. Make your spritzer fun and your summer even better. Drink responsibly.

Vegan Chocolate Ganache

A delicious chocolate ganache to decorate your vegan cakes with. The full cake recipe can be found in our Mama Lotties Vegan Cookbook 120g unsweetened...

Carrot Chips (fries)

Carrots are a great vegetable to roast, the slower and longer you roast them the sweeter they seem to get. Season it with a little paprika and serve it as a side to your main course or as a snack.

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Stewed Squid

Ingredients 3/4 kilo squid ringslarge onionhalf leek3 cloves garlic1 green pepperfrozen peas1 glass white winehalf glass brandyenough fish stock to cover the squid1 bay leaf4...

Boquerones al Limon

Ingredients 500 gr. sprats,1 lemon,1 garlic clove (chopped),beaten egg,saltflourparsley. Method 1. Clean the fish, chop off the heads and remove bones. 2. Place the sprats on a dish and sprinkle...

Pastelitos de cabello de Angel

Ingredients Puff pastryCabello de Angel1 egg to glazeCastor sugar to decorate Method 1. Roll the pastry into round shapes, add some cabello de Angel in the middle...

Sopa de Marisco / Seafood Soup

Ingredients 1 medium Monk fish225 g clams250 g prawns3 tomatoes1 green pepper1 small onion2 Garlic ClovesPimentón Picante (paprika)1/2 Glass white winefresh Mintfideuá noodlesOlive OilWater Method 1. Clean...

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Mama's 50 must-try vegan recipes.

It’s time for a new adventure! With the world changing and adapting to new surroundings and ethical movements to better the environment we live in, we thought it was time to challenge ourselves to create a vegan cookbook with some of our favourite recipes made fresh, and easy, using plant based vegan ingredients. We want to use simple everyday ingredients, with some easy alternatives, to recreate and veganise the dishes you love, so you can create new moments and memories around the food you love.

Justin Bautista

Author and Creator