Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Açaí Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast is the most important meal so keep it easy, with a smoothie bowl. These Sambazon superfruit packs make it super simple...

Açaí Snack Bowl

Excited to have teamed up with Sambazon to bring you an Açaí Snack Bowl recipe so that you can get all the...

Mama’s Apple Turnover

Mama has always had a thing for apple pies and turnovers. The smell of the warm apple and spices from the hot...

Carrot Cake

This carrot cake is wonderfully moist and sets the mood for your afternoon tea with the smell of the nuts and mixed...

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Calabacines – Stuffed Courgettes

Ingredients 6 small courgettes2 cups grated hard Edam (1 3/4 cup hard Edam and 1/4 cup mature cheddar)3/4...

Easy Rosquitas de Anis. (Aniseed Rounds)

1 glass anis2 glasses oil.1 tablespoon cinnamon1 tablespoon sugar.S.R. Flour (just enough to form a dough,...

Pea Soup

Ingredients 3 Celery sticks3 Carrots2 PotatoesA small onionA Piece of unsmoked gammon (approx 800gms)Packet of Yellow Split PeasA few...

Tortillas de Pasas

Ingredients 225g self raising flour235ml  water2 tablespoons sugar1 tot brandyQuarter pound raisinsCinnamonTate & lyle golden syrupOil to fry

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Meet the Mamas

When I started 'Mama Lotties' I had a vague idea of what I wanted from it. I wanted a place where everyone...

New Book, More Recipes, More Videos

Hey Hey! Happy weekend! I hope the rain isn't spoiling it for you, but that just means you can...

Sacarello’s Coffee Shop, Gibraltar

Ok, so I went a little overboard the last time I was at Sacarello's. Their cakes just stared at me from behind...

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