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Croatian Flat Bread

This recipe was made on our show with Gabrijela Gradecak as part of Mama Lotties series where we then stuffed them with scrumptious Cevapcici ...

Vegan Torta de Patata (Spanish Omelette)

What? A torta de patata without egg you must be mad... well I might be but we still managed to make one and it's so convincing in colour and similar in texture that it would do a good job fooling you. This torta de patata is soft and smooth and very much like the original considering we've replaced the main ingredient.

Salted Caramel Brownies (Gluten-free & Dairy-free)

After being challenged to create a dairy-free, fudgy brownie, Ashleigh created these. That salted caramel sauce you see also happens to be vegan, made using sweetened and salted coconut cream. However, despite being dairy-free, the brownies themselves contain eggs. But boy are these brownies unbelievably rich, moist and fudgy!

Dalgona Coffee

Remember these all over your social media feeds during lockdown? Well we totally forgot we gave it a go and never shared! D'OH! well...

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Ingredients 225 g Lard225 g Icing Sugar340 g Jar Peanut Butter450 g Plain Flour Method 1. Preheat oven at 180°C for about 20 minutes. 2. Mix and heat the...

Rock Buns

Ingredients 12oz Self Raising FlourA pinch of Salt1/4 Tsp mixed spiced1/4 tsp Nutmeg6oz Margarine6oz Sugar3oz Raisins or Currants1 Egg3 oz Desiccated CoconutMilk Method Preheat oven to 200...

Pudin de Pan (Bread Pudding)

Ingredients 14 Slices Crustless Bread6 Eggs2 Packets Flan Caramel410 g Evaporated MilkWater600 g Sugar 1. Soak bread in water. After five minutes squeeze water out and...

Tortillas de Pasas

Ingredients 225g self raising flour235ml  water2 tablespoons sugar1 tot brandyQuarter pound raisinsCinnamonTate & lyle golden syrupOil to fry 1. Sieve flour into a bowl, add sugar and...

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Diabetic Sweet Bread (Pan Dulce)

Ingredients 2oz lard2oz margarine2oz fructose12oz S.R.flour2oz blanced almonds2oz raisins stoned2oz sultanas2ozs pine nuts2oz candied peel2...

Pan Dulce – Sweet Bread

The Christmas countdown has begun and we want to start feeling that festive vibe...

Healthy Chicken Rolitos “A la Bonavia”

Chicken Fillets ( 1 per person )Pesto SauceRed PepperGreen PepperSpring OnionSaltPepperOlive OilLee & Perrin's...

The Llanito Easter Wine and Food Pairing

The week is done, the kids are free and it's time to gather with the family. Some head out to the infamous strip where...

New Book, More Recipes, More Videos

Hey Hey! Happy weekend! I hope the rain isn't spoiling it for you, but that just means you can stay in and bake and cook...

Dining at Cafe Solo

It's very hot and humid these days and let's be honest we don't want to be stuck in front of a fire for very...

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