Very similar to the Paella we’ve all come to love, I found this pasta dish from Valencia even more flavourful. The thin pasta locks in the flavour of the stewing seafood and traps the sauce inside giving you an explosion of flavour in every mouthful.

Cooking Time: 20 – 30 Minutes Serves: 2

  • 100ML Olive Oil
  • 200G Fideua Pasta (Thin Curved Angel Hair Pasta)
  • 1 Large Fresh Squid
  • 5 Whole Prawns
  • 3 Garlic Cloves
  • 1/2 White Onion
  • 1/2 Sweet Paprika
  • 1 Vegetable Stock
  • Rock Salt
  • 200G Clams
  • 3 Green Frying Peppers
  • 4 Large Tomatoes
  • Saffron Threads

Heat up the olive oil in a large paella dish and fry the garlic, onion, peppers and chopped up tomatoes. 

When these soften, add the saffron, cut the cleaned squid into rings and add in the fresh squid. *Be careful as the fresh squid will spit violently in the oil* 

Leave the squid to cook for 2 minutes, covering the pan then stir and introduce the prawns. (I tend to peel 3 or 4 and leave the others whole). Cook these with all the ingredients in the pan until pink, which should only take you about 2 minutes, then add the teaspoon of sweet paprika, the clams and the pasta. 

Dissolve the stock in about a litre of boiling water and pour into the dish, covering everything. Season everything with a crushing of rock salt. 

Leave to simmer until the water reduces and the pasta softens, stirring occasionally. Leave for an extra minute to crisp a little.

Don’t worry about the base burning a little as this will add flavour and texture to your dish.

Note: For a fishier stock, boil the prawn heads and shells in the water beforehand, then drain. Use the remaining water as stock.

This recipe and others can be found in Mama Lotties 100 Everyday Recipes Cookbook