Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Chicken and Mushroom Pie Pots

Ingredients 600G Chicken Breast1 Tray of Mushrooms1 Can Mushroom Soup1 tbsp Paprika1 tbsp Garlic and Parsley herb mix1...

Lamb Tagine

Ingredients 1 ½ - 2 kg of lamb cut into cubes or shanks2 onions finely chopped6 garlic gloves...

Cabbage Stew

Ingredients 2 cups presoaked chick peas6 cups chopped cabbage2 sliced carrots1 bayleaf1 small potato2 peeled and chopped tomatoes1...

Courgette Omelette

Ingredients 1 kilo peeled and boiled courgettes1/4 grated cheese3 eggs2 slices baconSalt  Method

Stewed Braising Steak

I used braising steak and chicken breast but the genuine recipe given to me by Geraldine Pozo used diced boneless lamb.


This recipe was passed down to Kelly by her sister, but is now a regular fixture in family meals. This simple one...


Ingredients 500G minced meat1 Big onion1 1/2 TSP baking powder3 Cloves of garlic1 EggSaltPepperPaprika powdervegeta (Croatian seasoning) or...

Spare ribs and Chickpeas

Ingredients 4 cups presoaked chickpeas1 meat cube2 glasses water1 chopped onion2 Tablespoonful olive oil600 grs spare ribs2 diced...

Lentil Stew

Ingredients 1 packet lentils,1 large onion,4 cloves garlic,1 green or red pepper,small piece of chopped pumpkin,1 large potato,1...

Courgette, Cheese and Bacon Bake

Ingredients 3 Large Courgettes1 TSP Mixed Herbs3 Large Eggs2 Garlic Cloves250G Grated Mozzarella Cheese200G Grated Cheddar CheeseSaltPepper1 Packet...