Mama’s Vegan Pad Thai

I do like a good pad thai, I mean nothing really compares to a traditional and authentically prepared dish, but i have enjoyed adapting...

Creamy Vegan Mac and ‘Cheese’

Growing up mac and cheese was an exciting simple dinner that we enjoyed. What's great is that we don't actually need to use cheese...

Vegan Yellow Mango Curry

Serves: 3 | Cooking Time: 30 Minutes If you're a fan of thai food and oriental flavours with a savoury-sweet vibe then this recipe is...


I have tried many different types of samosas, so I wanted to give them a go myself. These vegetarian samosas are crunchy on the...

Mama’s Fresh Salsa

This fresh tomato salsa is perfect for dipping your tortilla chips or as a base for your sauces.  6 Tomatoes 2 Shallot 1 Fresh Green...

Pimientos Asados – Roast Peppers

Ingredients 1 long Roasting Red Pepper1 Long Roasting Green Pepper2 Large tomatoesOlive OilVinegar1 Medium Spring Onion Method 1. Line an oven dish with foil paper and place  the peppers and tomatoes, whole,...

Potaje de Troncos de Acelga

Ingredients 2 cups top stalks of a bunch chard2 cups pre soaked chickpeas1/2 cup diced pumpkin 1 skinless diced medium tomato 1 finely chopped onion 1 finely chopped...

Homemade Pizza

Ingredients 20g salt1 heaped tbsp sugar (per kilo flour)1 KG white bread flour25g yeast (per kilo of flour)5 tbs olive oil300ml water (Tepid - Warm) Sauce: 3 garlic...

Simple Tortitas

Ingredients 1 small can sweet corn (drained)1/2 cup chickpea flourSalt pepper and if wished grated onion4 tablespoon warm water Method This recipe makes about 12 tortitas 1. Mix...

Alcachofas – Artichoke Stew

Ingredients 6 Fresh Artichokes500 g Fresh Broad Beans1 kg Fresh Peas2 Spring Onionsdried MarjoramOilSaltPinch Saffron1 Potato per person Method 1. Clean the artichokes by rinsing them thoroughly...

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Roasted Red Peppers

Ingredients Red peppersOnionsaltvinegaroil Method 1. Oven roast your red peppers 2. Once nicely roasted wrap round a wet...

Rosemarie’s Liver in Onion Sauce

Ingredients 500Grs Liver (Thinly Sliced)FlourOlive Oil3 Med Onions3 Oxo CubesSalt – Pepper 1. Cut the liver...

Layered Courgette Pie

Ingredients 2 Big CourgettesSliced CheeseParma HamGarlicEggOil Method 1. On the bottom of dish put a little oil. 2....