BBQ Jacket Potatoes


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Cooking baked potatoes or “jacket” potatoes on the bbq is really the easiest thing you could do but also one of the tastiest. The most important thing is getting the heat of the fire just right.

For this recipe to work best you need to make sure your fire is at the point where you have scorching hot embers and no flames. We need to have intense heat from the centre of the fire.

I prefer having big potatoes for these, even sweet potatoes are amazing. Make sure you wash them first, cut off any ugly bits and wrap them up in foil, twice, to protect them from the heat.

baked potatoes in foil

BBQ Jacket Potatoes

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BBQ Jacket Potatoes or bonfire potatoes are so amazingly soft and tender inside, retaining all their moisture as they cook.
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour 5 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Gibraltar
Servings: 4
Author: Mama Lotties


  • 4 large potatoes (sweet or normal) one per person
  • butter
  • salt
  • ham
  • cheese
  • baked beans


  • Wash your potatoes under fresh water.
  • Lay each potato separately on foil paper and cover with a bit of butter and salt.
  • Cover the potatoes with two layers of foil and place on the hot coal.
  • Leave this there for one hour, turning them over after 30 minutes. You will see the foil will start to get black but that's ok.
  • After one hour, serve the potatoes. Cut the foil open and slice open the top of the potatoes. The skin should be crispy whilst the inside remains soft and moist. Add a little bit of butter, cheese, ham and anything else you prefer and enjoy.


The fillings are only suggestions but you can you anything you have around you or simply just some butter. 

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