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Mushroom Stroganoff

This has been a recipe that my mum made for me growing up. A perfectly creamy and tangy weekend dish that's light and delicious....

Mum’s Vegan Nut Roast

2 red onions2 leeks2 carrots3 cloves of garlicA handful of spinach100g mushrooms100g mixed nuts25g dried cranberry and apricotsFresh herbs of your choiceSalt and pepper1...

Courgette Omelette

Ingredients 1 kilo peeled and boiled courgettes1/4 grated cheese3 eggs2 slices baconSalt  Method 1, Drain the courgettes really well. I usually squeeze the water out by putting the...

Piri Piri Chicken & Minty Peas

One of my favourite portuguese inspired dishes is the Piri Piri Chicken with its rich smoked sauce and that kick of spice. One of...

Tuna Bake

Ingredients 2 small tins tuna in brine1 sliced tomato1/2 large aubergine sliced 1/2 large courgette 1 small green pepper 1/2 cup low fat grated cheese 1 egg 2 egg whites Salt...

Mama’s Sausage Roll

We've grown up with sausage rolls, I'm sure we've all had the little ones at family gatherings or kid's parties. We stepped up the...

Serrano Wrapped Asparagus

So the festivities are over but you still have so much ham lying around you really don't know what to do with it right? Since...

Pasta with Mackerel

Ingredients OilMackerel ( amounts depend on taste)Pasta 1 chopped Red Pepper 1 chopped Green Pepper 1 grated garlic clove 1 chopped onion 4 Tablespoon tomato puree 1 glass wine Salt and colouring Method 1, Fry...

Arroz Negro – Black Seafood Rice

Ingredients 1 onion6 garlic cloves1 chopped red pepperJar of Tomate Casero Apis (tomato passata)1 kg squid ringshalf a pint fish stock2 mugs rice1 small bag of...

Courgette Tortilla

Ingredients 4 small boiled, drained courgettes and mashed1 tin Anchovies drained1 egg 4 egg 1 small tin red peppers chopped 1 garlic close chopped Salt and pepper 1 Tablespoon low...