Sweet and Sticky Chorizo


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  • Chorizo Ring
  • Honey

This is something you can enjoy on your own or as a starter with friends.

1. The amount of chorizo is entirely up to you, depending on the amount of people, but I used about a 1/4 of a 255g ring of chorizo.

2. Slice your Chorizo into smaller thick pieces and place them flat on a low heat, in a shallow pan. Allow to cook slowly and for the fat to melt; this will release the juices and flavour. After a minute or so turn the pieces over turn the pieces over and fry them on the other side.

Now for the special ingredient…

3. Once your Chorizo has begun to cook and crisp grab a teaspoon of honey and pour it over everything. With a wooden spoon stir and mix everything together, continue stirring on a low heat for a few seconds so that the flavours and juices mix with the honey, but do not allow to burn


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