Chicken Thighs and Mushrooms

Crispy grilled chicken thighs served with sautéd mushrooms and seasoned with thyme.

Habas con Chorizo y Jamon (Broad Beans with Chorizo and Ham)

when camping and you make some dishes on a bbq as the sun sets. The typical 'alubias blancas' can be bought is jars all ready to cook, quick and easy, and if ur not feeling so adventurous us sweet chorizo instead, still smokey but without the kick.

Halloweiners – Sausage Mummies.

I was told not to play with my food growing up, but it's the one time of year we can throw that rule out the window. Let's get the kids involved in these fun and spooky little treats! 


If you like lasagne and lamb, then this Greek moussaka dish, using aubergine instead of pasta is definitely for you.  4 Potatoes500g minced lamb1/2 Onion2...
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This Roman classic is so delicious it will "Jump in Your Mouth". Meat covered in ham, butter, wine and seasoned with sage.


There are different names for this dish, which is essentially a Sephardi Jewish cholent (stew). It may be called 'La dfina' but in Gibraltar...

Moroccan Spiced BBQ Lamb Leg

Ever cooked a butterflied lamb leg on the BBQ? Try this moroccan spiced, Raz El Hanout marinated lamb leg that's fragrant as well as delicious. A real treat for your BBQ.

Mama’s Pollo al Ajillo (Garlic Chicken)

Pollo al ajillo is a childhood favourite recipe of mine. If you like a good garlic dish then pollo al ajillo is one to try. The garlic cooked in the skin is soft and sweet.
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Mama’s San Jacobo (Granny’s Cordon Bleu)

I always remember having these San Jacobo as a kid, so deliciously tender, with melted cheese pouring out as you cut into it...yummy! 2 chicken...


Granted, some patience is required as the Pastrami meat needs to cure for a few days before you can cook it, but undoubtedly the results are worth it.

A Must Try Recipe