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Cinnamon & Custard Rolls A La Bonavia

Ingredients for approximately 10-12 rolls: 1 x Packet of Puff Pastry, thinly rolled1 x Packet of Custard Powder (made in advance and cooled at room temperature)2...

Mama Lotties’ Gibraltar Inspired Cookbook – Now on Sale!

Thanks to the continuing success of the website, and demand by some, Justin Bautista has designed and published a Gibraltarian inspired cookbook with selected...

Left-over Chicken Croquettes

Ingredients 1 Onion4 oz Chicken Mince2 tbsp flour1 pint milkNutmegChicken StockSaltPepperGrated CheeseBreadcrumbsGarlicParsleyCauliflowerOlive OilLemon JuicecarrotsvinegarEggs Method 1. Fry 1 onion, add about 4ozs  cooked minced Chicken, 2 tablespoons...

Banana and Peach Crumble

Ingredients 2 bananas2 peaches2Tbsp brown sugar3 Tbsp golden syrupa little lemon juice Crumble 8ozs flour4 ozs margarine2 Tbsp sugar Method 1. Grease the baking dish, arrange the chopped fruits and sprinkle...

Baked Egg in Tomato with Chestnut Mushrooms and Black Olives

Ingredients 2 Free Range Eggs250 G Passata (Tomate Titurado)2 Chestnut Mushrooms5 Garlic Marinated Black OlivesCayenne pepperRosemarySaltBlack pepper Method 1. Finely chop your olives and mushrooms and mx...

Simple Suppers

As much as I enjoy the kitchen with both its discipline and creativity combined, there really are times when the idea of cooking for...

Haddock in a Tomato, Brandy and Cream Sauce.

Ingredients 4 fish portions (haddock or any other desired fish)2 cloves chopped garlicparsleya little butterolive oilsaltpepper.20 prawns. For the sauce 1 onion1 clove garlic2 skinned tomatoes1 tsp...

Virgin Piña Colada

Here's something for those who like coconut. It's quick and simple and can be made a little bit more fun if you add a...

Flan de Coco

Ingredients 1 1/2 cups white sugar 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 1 (12 fluid ounce) tin evaporated milk  1/2 cup milk  6 eggs  1/2 cup...

Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Ingredients 190g Red Pesto1 Chicken Breast1 Packet Frozen Mediterranean Vegetables1/2 Red OnionOlive Oil1 Whole Tomato Method I was inspired by the Israeli dish Shakshuka, and decided i should...