Salmon Pudding


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  • 3 small crustless white loaves
  • 6 hard boiled eggs
  • 2 tbsp mustard
  •  milk
  • 2 tins salmon
  • mayonnaise
  • 2 tubs cheese spread
  • olives
  • prawns
  • crab
  • sticks
  • pimentos


1. Prepare your ingredients 3 small crustless white loaves,  6 hard boiled eggs mixed with 2 tbsp mustard and some milk to a light consistency, 2 tins salmon mixed with mayonnaise to a smooth light consistency, 2 tubs cheese spread mixed with some milk to a smooth, light consistency.

2. Prepare a tin lined with cling film overlapping the sides.

3. On the bottom lay your first layer of bread slices, spread the first mixture of hard boiled eggs.

4. Second layer of bread slices, spread second mixture of Salmon

5. Third layer of bread slices, spread third mixture of cheese

6. Layer the slices alternating until you have used up all the mixtures.

7. Fold the overlapping cling film over and put a weight on top before placing in fridge overnight.

8. Remove from fridge, remove the covering top cling film and turn the pudding over onto serving tray.

9. Decorate with mayonnaise, olives, prawns, crab sticks, pimentos.

Slice to serve and enjoy.

Recipe by Maruchi Golt

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