Pix Pintxos Bar, London


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Whether you’re visiting the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, wandering the famous Portobello Market by Notting Hill or enjoying a well deserved drink near Soho or Islington, Pix Pintxos Bar is a must, for visiting Gibraltarians or students who miss the taste of home.

My hang out this time is the Covent Garden branch, walk down towards the end of Neal Street and you will spot the Tapas Bar sign, inside, is a small slightly dark, yet ambient restaurant. Upon walking in you are presented with a gorgeous display of food. (A word of advice, it is probably best to arrive around 1pm or after, as food is brought out at 12.30)

Pix Bar’s concept is easy, as in Barcelona’s tapas bars, each sized stick is a different price, luckily the options are simple, short (£1.95) and tall (£2.95).  Each dish is unique and the truly Spanish and Mediterranean tastes come alive. 

The Croquetas with Jamón, Cod Fritters, Chorizo and Manchego and Calamares are all exquisite. Taste the Meatballs in tomatoes for a true Spanish experience as the taste and texture will take you back to the campo. 

If you’re a true foodie and enjoy a few drinks of cava then Sunday’s unlimited offer is just the ticket. Infinity Sunday (£29.95) lets you enjoy unlimited cava as well as all you can eat Pintxos, I mean can it get any better? Enjoy all your favourite tapas, try new ones and repeat as much as you like. 

Find out more about pix and their restaurants from www.pix-bar.com

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