Cheers, Gibraltar


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Have you been to a place and felt so comfortable there, it’s like second nature to you?

That’s pretty much what seems to happen. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle and Gibraltar’s Main Street which can be overcome by tourists and locals, especially on a Saturday, you’ll find Cheers in the courtyard of Cornwall’s Centre.

Although the mornings may start quiet here and the breakfast may be simple, I’m an avid visitor and a fan of the ‘molleta and tomate’ breakfast, don’t be fooled because this place gets packed at lunch and not just on weekends, Cheers is a hit Monday – Friday as a popular spot with nearby office workers so make sure to book your table early.

Kick off your lunch with a glass of Ribiera del Duero whilst soaking up the sunshine and you’re off to a great start. The staff here are friendly and welcoming, they seem to know everyone’s names, as faces repeat so frequently, so it’s no surprise when I say I recommend you ask staff for their recommendations on what to eat.

The Galician clams or Almejas Portuguesas as they are also known are no joke. Simply prepared in traditional Al Ajillo (Garlic) fashion, and incredibly meaty, you’ll be soaking up the sauce and leaving the plate dry.

When it’s time for the main course make sure to leave room on the table as mains and sides come on separate plates. so it can get full up pretty quickly. Don’t be deceived by the simple plating though, the flavour is in the pudding. Here’s what we got…

I started off with the fresh Sea-bass cooked on the griddle with oil and Serrano ham chunks, a side of roast vegetables, although the options given were chips, jacket potatoes, salad or rice, and the smoothest, creamiest, and OH MY GOSH amazing lobster sauce ever…

The rest of the table consisted of Beef, Salmon and Presa (Pork Shoulder), tender and cooked to perfection and simply seasoned, with a fried egg on the side if you would like one.

Ultimately the food here is comforting and simple yet flavourful and homely, and with the welcome of the staff and the satisfaction of al fresco dining, it’s no wonder people return as “you know what you get” when you visit.

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