An Evening at The Lounge


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T.G.I.F! It’s what I heard since I walked out the door this morning and bumped into everyone in the world on their way to work. Friday, it’s the day most people seem to wait for with hopes that with it will come a weekend full of joy, relaxation and fulfilment. However, I’ve come to discover that you should live every day to the fullest, make every day your Friday and not live for the weekend. 

In life there are a few true joys, however one of those is, at least in my opinion, good food, and in the motto of living in the moment, I decided that tonight I was going to dine at The Lounge, one of Gibraltar’s finer restaurants, whose reputation seems to precede them as I was almost instantly engulfed by people’s enthusiasm towards the place when I told them where I planned to eat that night.The evening started with a warm welcome from the staff, casually showing us to our reserved table, handing us the menus, requesting the drink order and ensuring that should we need anything they would be happy to assist.

As I looked around I could already sense the atmosphere The Lounge was emanating; a cool and casual atmosphere. Most of the other customers where either on a romantic date or adults out for an evening of good conversation.


The decor, fine, elegant and rather comfortable, paired up harmoniously with the whimsical quotes dispersed along the walls of the restaurant, one of which made me feel better about why I do what I do.[/vc_column_text]

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The evening continued and the exciting part had finally arrived, we had made our orders, drank half of our Tinto Veranos and immersed ourselves in idle chit chat when our starters arrived. One special and one a la carte, both dishes were laid out presentably, looking and smelling delicious.

The first of the two was Sushi. Presented with such care I didn’t know where to begin, however as soon as I tucked in, using the trusted chopsticks, I quickly found my happy place. The combination of fresh flavours and ginger was enough to satisfy any sushi lover and those who may be wary of such a dish. Believe me, it’s not as fishy or squidgy as you’d think. 

The second starter was known as Gypsy Egg, a soft boiled egg, served in a baked dish of tomato, oregano and chorizo and covered with a generously serving of melted cheese. You know this was going to be good the minute melted cheese came into the equation. This dish was similar to Huevos a la Flamenca, however much lighter. Thankfully this came with bread as every last drop deserves your appreciation.

Once the plates were cleared, I was surprised with a pallet cleansing juice shot made up of, Mango, Ginger, Pineapple, Orange and Apple. With the waiter’s recommendations of Pork, Lamb and Duck, we proceeded to order the Pulled Lamb Shoulder and Cider Apple Braised Pork Belly.

Both dishes were delightfully presentable and robust in flavour, particularly the lamb. The pulled lamb was tender and succulent and although I found the pepper compote slightly too spicy, I thought it balanced well with the strong and rich gravy and what appeared to be light and creamy dauphinois potatoes and creamy mash.After almost licking the plate clean, I was too full to even consider dessert. Perhaps next time I may have some space, but for now I can confidently say, if you’re looking for an evening of fine dining with great surroundings and service, or simply a carefree drink whilst you fantasise as to which yacht in the marina you’ll buy next, The Lounge should definitely be a place to consider.

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