No Bake Summer Fruit & Dark Chocolate Mini Cheesecakes


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I’ve always liked cheesecakes, especially bitter lemon cheesecake. However, these were a bit of an experiment and I think they turned out quite well.


  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • about 150 G Oats
  • 200 G Tub Cream Cheese
  • 90 G Dark Chocolate
  • 284 ML Double Cream
  • Handful of Summer Fruit mix (Strawberries, Blackcurrants, Raspberries, Cranberries etc)


1. Begin by making your base. Usually i would crush up some digestives biscuits, which you can always do, but today i thought I would try using oat flakes. Heat up a pan and melt a good dollop of butter and a teaspoon of sugar. Once melted and the sugar looks to be dissolved add your oats. Stir well so that all the butter is absorbed and spread evenly throughout the oats.


2. Use some greaseproof paper to line the bottom of your ramekins, leaving out a few tags to be
able to lift out your cheesecakes later. Now press your oats into the base of the ramekins of mould. Place this in the fridge whilst you work on the filling.

3. In a large bowl, pour your cream cheese and add about 150 ml of double cream. Whip this until thick, the thicker the better as we want it to be light and airy.

4. Blend and puree your summer fruits and add to the bowl, continue to whip, if you find it’s too liquid add some more cream and continue to whip.

5. Once you have the consistency you want, bring out your ramekins and share the filling out evenly throughout all the ramekins, I had enough for about 5 or 6.


6. Place these at the back of the fridge and leave to cool and harden  for a few hours.

7. After a few hours and once you see the cheesecakes look a bit more shapely, heat up a pan and begin to melt your chocolate, add a dollop of butter to the pan with your chocolate, this should fluff up the chocolate into a ganache and keep it shiny.

8. Once melted remove your chocolate from the pan and allow it to cool a bit, still ensuring it remains runny. Remove your cheesecakes from their moulds and pour your chocolate over the centre of the cheesecakes. Using a small teaspoon spread your chocolate out by rubbing the chocolate out in circles from the centre.  Either place back in the fridge and allow the chocolate to harden or if you’re as impatient as I can be eat one and place the rest in the fridge.

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