Sunshine and White Wine


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With summer around the corner, we all need some deliciously tasting white wine, both fresh and aromatic to help us usher the warmer weather that’s fast approaching. With so many wines out there it can be hard to choose, so we’re talking about two wines to get you going this summer.

Our first suggestion of the day is Txakoli, pronounced cha-ko-lee.

Txakoli wines are filled with dry, light wines that are slightly sparkling and originally come from the Basque Country, as well as Cantabria on Spain’s Atlantic coast. The first choice for the perfect summery white wine is the Atlantis Txakoli, 2017.

These wines are becoming incredibly popular for their delightfully refreshing, crispness as well as the fine fruit flavours it withholds. Influenced by an Atlantic climate, the region DO Txakoli de Álava has a mild climate and its harvest is carried out manually.

With its pale yellow colour and green shades, your glass fills with a clean and glossy look. Aromas of white and exotic fruits such as pineapple and Custard Apple, as well as some notes of fresh herbs and flowers. the Atlantis Txakoli has a very well integrated acidity, lively and is fresh on the palate.

Although it is a simple wine, its quality is high and the finish is surprisingly long, making it a perfect thirst quencher when the sun is out. You can find this wine exclusively at My Wines Gibraltar and it pairs perfectly with their famous Pil-Pil and any of their seafood dishes but especially with Mussels.

Now that we’ve got your taste-buds going and I know you’re thinking of that sun spot where you can relax and sit back, we’ll spoil you with our second wine choice of the day. This time we jump right across the pond to Bodega Luigi Bosca in Argentina. Here we can find a vineyard estate owned by the Arizu Family, which they bought in 1942. Though the bodega is more famously known for their Malbecs, the production of their white wine, Finca La Linda Torrontés, can be found here and so it was decided that the wines should be named La Linda, ‘The Beautiful’, in recognition of the extraordinary beauty that surrounds the landscape of the vineyard and its people.

This wine is made with grapes that are grown in Salta; this is the original territory of this indigenous grape variety. This white wine shows with a bright yellow colour and floral aromas of rose hip and lavender. It is also filled with some tropical fruit aromas, making it fresh, crisp and delicate on the palate.

Pair up the La Linda Torrontés with some Argentinian Meat Pasties or Provolone for a perfect combination. It’s one of the hidden gems and once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to not go for it again!

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