Brunch on the Sunborn


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You may have heard of brunch before, if you’re unsure, it’s that mystery meal combining breakfast and lunch, more often than not enjoyed on a Sunday. I’ve always enjoyed brunching, particularly during my years in London.

I always found it very social and much more intimate than going for a lunch, though don’t be fooled by thinking that brunches are all tea, coffee and food; occasionally these include champagne, bloody mary’s and a few other cheeky drinks.

I was really looking forward to brunch on the Sunborn, though it is a bit later than your average brunch, which is usually from 11am, the Sunborn serve their Sunday Brunch at 1pm through until 4pm with a mammoth food selection on offer.

After the initial awe at the food selection, all on a buffet, we settled in and were welcomed with one of the smoothest and fruitiest cava I have ever tasted. The Codorniu had a peachy base which balanced perfectly with the atmosphere of the place and the juices also on offer.

More importantly however, back to the food, everything on offer, and trust me I tried everything there, was packed full of vibrant flavours, you could almost taste the colour of the food; every ingredient fresh, balancing perfectly with one another.

Once you’ve had your fill of the Mediterranean buffet, which offer salmorejo, gazpacho, pasta salads, octopus salads, lentil pots, olives of every kind, cured meats and even some fresh oysters on ice; head over to the roast section or their weekly alternating live-food station. This week they had a parilla chef, grilling fresh seafood or meats or veg to your liking, though maybe you’re lucky enough to catch them on sushi week.

For those of you on a diet thinking this will be your downfall, worry not, as there are plenty of healthy options on offer, or as my aunty would say KSFL friendly meals.

Amid all of this, enjoy the surroundings of the Sunborn’s Sky Restaurant, the views from the 7th floor of the yacht hotel and the splendid sounds of their live singer. I kid you not, I thought we were listening to a smooth jazz CD until I noticed she was walking around singing live.

And as for dessert! OH MY GOSH! If you can just about manage it, save some space, or take a break and enjoy a drink or coffee. The Sunborn have an abundance of fresh pastries, yoghurts, ice creams, cakes (YES CAKES!) and their very own chocolate fountain… (with good chocolate). I’ll let you guess what I went for first 😉

You can enjoy all of this for £38 per person including juices and a welcome cava. So if you want to book head over to The Sunborn website or give them a ring (+350 2001 6000) and book in advance as it gets very full, pretty quickly.

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