Custard & Anis Cake


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The Sponge

  • 1 cup / 230ML Sunflower Oil,
  • 1 Cup / 200G Sugar,
  • 2 Eggs,
  • 1 Cup / 128G Flour,

The Syrup

  • 1 Cup / 200G Sugar
  • 1 Cup / 235ML Water
  • 1 Glass Sweet Anis

The Custard

  • 1 packet easy to make custard
  • Cinnamon


1, Mix together the sponge ingredients and bake in the oven for approximately 30 – 40 minutes at 180 degrees until light brown.

2, Leave your sponge to cool and leave overnight.

3, Prepare your syrup by dissolving the sugar in water and adding in a glass of anis.

4, Prick the sponge cake and leave the syrup to cool a little, then pour all over the sponge.

5, follow the instructions on the custard packet and prepare your custard. When ready, leave it to cool down slightly, then pour over the sponge cake and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Recipe By Margaret Doolan

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Malu Medhurst

I would love to try this, but the measurements are in cups. What would they be, either imperial or metric, please?

Hi Malu, we’ll translate these for you and edit 🙂

Malu Medhurst

Mama Lotties – Gibraltar’s Online Cookbook thank you very much xx

Malu Medhurst I think we’ve managed it, let us know how you get on 🙂

Malu Medhurst

Mama Lotties – Gibraltar’s Online Cookbook thanks a million. Will let you know how I get on! Xx

Margaret Doolan

Lol my Anis and Custard cake ,, you will love it, Enjoy xx

Adrienne Currer

Patricia Lane, you making? Happy to be your taster!!

Patricia Lane

I am indeed!

Adrienne Currer

Me your taster?

Adrienne Currer

I arrive on Tuesday 13th December. Come straight to yours? Lol

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