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Huevos a la Flamenca

Ingredients 1 Egg227 G Tin Chopped Tomatoes (tomate titurado)145 G Peas1 Potato65 g Chorizo Chunks1/2 Onion2 Garlic ClovesOlive Oil Method 1. Dice the potatoes into smaller pieces...

Layered Courgette Pie

Ingredients 2 Big CourgettesSliced CheeseParma HamGarlicEggOil Method 1. On the bottom of dish put a little oil. 2. Cut the Courgettes into thin slices and put a layer...

Potaje de Judias Verdes y Garbanzos.

Ingredients 1 onion6 cloves garlic1 red or green pepper,a piece of morcillaa piece of chorizosmall tin of tomatoes1 lb green beans1 teaspoon paprika2 quartered potatoessaltpepperchickpeas Method Gently...

Calabacines Relleno

Ingredients 2Kg Courgettes1/4 Ball of Cheese (I Use Hard Edam Cheese)Breadcrumbs3/4 Garlic Cloves2 EggsSaltPepperMajoram ( Optional) Method 1. Boil the courgettes, once soft let it cool and...

Tortita De Acelga

Ingredients spinach (acelga) fresh or 1/2 pkt of frozen3 to 4 cloves of garlic1 small oniongram floura pinch of salta pinch of peppergrated cheesea bit...

Tuna,Vegetable & Mash Pie.

Ingredients Mash 1/2lb potatoes cubed and boiled1 tsp milk1/4lb melted buttersalt and pepper Filling 1 finely chopped onion1 finely chopped celery stick2 peeled and chopped aubergines2 chopped courgettes2...

Roasted Mushrooms

Ingredients 10 clean mushrooms3 finely chopped garlic clovesSalt and pepperJuice of one lemonParsley2 teaspoonful olive oil Chop and mix the ingredients except the mushrooms. Place mushrooms...

Torta de Patata

Ingredients 2 Large Potatoes4 EggsOlive OilSalt & Pepper 1. Dice your potatoes into small pieces and sprinkle with salt then fry in a low - medium...

Potato salad (Ensaladilla Rusa)

Ingredients 6 large potatoes4 medium carrots300grs peas3 tins tuna (drained)6 boiled eggsolives (sliced) keep some whole for decoration1 tin red roasted peppers (Pimiento rojo)saltmayonnaise Boil the...

Aubergine Omelette

Ingredients 1 aubergine cut into cubes1 potato cut into cubes1/2 onion chopped1 garlic clove2 eggssalt and pepper This a lovely easy but very tasteful omelette, made...

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