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Eggless Chocolate Cake (suitable for Vegans)

Ingredients 1 1/2 cups self raising flour3 tablespoons Cocoa powder1 teaspoon baking soda1 cup sugar1/2 teaspoon salt5 tablespoons oil1 tablespoon white wine vinegar1 teaspoon vanilla...

Cuerno de Crema Pastelera y Merengue

Ingredients Horns You need 1 pkt of Puff PastryCaster sugara bit of water. For the Crema Pastelera 6 oz water3 oz sugar2 oz butter1 egg2 oz cornflouryellow colouring1/2...


Ingredients 225G Butter225G Soft Brown Sugar2 Tbsp Golden Syrup350G Rolled Oats 1. In a saucepan place the butter, sugar and syrup over a  medium heat. Stir...

Fruit of the Forest Cheesecake

Ingredients 2 pkts Philadelphia Cheese1 Strawberry Jelly1 Nestle Cream or Double Cream200g Digestive Biscuits (crushed)1/2 cup Melted Butter Make th jelly with 1/2 pint of hot...

Sugar free Bollitos de Hornazo

Ingredients 1 1/2 lbs S.R.Flour1 tsp baking powder8 ozs butter10 ozs Fructose4 eggs1 tsp aniseed1/2 lemon juice1 egg to brush tops of buns before baking. Rub...

Rosemarie’s Chocolate Cake

Ingredients 1 cup S.R.flour1 cup sugar1 cup sunflower oil4 eggs2 Tablespoonful cocoa( I use Caddbury's Drinking Chocolate)1 teaspoonful Baking Powder**Filling and coating**1 large Cadbury Chocolatel...

Chocolate Delight

Ingredients Eight digestive biscuits crushed10 ozs butterHalf a jar chocolate spread (I used morrisons)200ml whipping cream1 tablespoonful chocolate powder Melt butter and mix crushed biscuits, press...

Turron Cheesecake

Ingredients I small packet digestive biscuits2 oz melted butter1 tub cream cheese2 tubs Mascarpone Cheese1 Turron BrandoAlmonds 1. Begin your base as you would for any...

Peach & Raspberry Tarta Helado

Ingredients 250g/10oz Icing sugar10oz butter1 tin Nestles cream previously put into fridge to keep cold3 egg yolks1/2 lb ground almonds2 packets boudoirs (Lady Fingers)10oz milkEnough...

Diabetic Sweet Bread (Pan Dulce)

Ingredients 2oz lard2oz margarine2oz fructose12oz S.R.flour2oz blanced almonds2oz raisins stoned2oz sultanas2ozs pine nuts2oz candied peel2 eggs1/4 teaspoon baking powder1 wine glass aguardiente 1. Rub lard and...

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