Guisado de jibia en amarillo con patatas y guisantes – Cuttlefish stew


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  • 1 jibia,
  • patatas
  • guisantes

Para la salsa del guiso:

  • aceite de oliva,
  • 1 tomate,
  • 1 pimiento verde,
  • 1 cebolla mediana,
  • 2 o 3 dientes de ajos,
  • 1 hoja de laurel,
  • vino blanco,
  • agua,
  • 1 pastilla de caldo de pescado,
  • azafran,
  • 1/2 tsp pimienton dulce,
  • un poco de tomate puree,
  • sal y pimienta


1. Fry in 3-4 tbsp of olive oil, tomato, green pepper, onion and garlic together with bay-leaf, salt and pepper.

2.Remove from heat and add saffron, crumbled fish stock cube and some tomato paste, mix well and add some white wine approx 1/2 glasses or 125 ml, 2 glasses of water might need to add some more later if sauce is a bit thick!

3. Stir well, bring out bay-leaf and blend all other ingredients in pan, add back bay-leaf to pan, together with cuttlefish and 1/2 tsp paprika.

4. Place pan back on heat and bring to the boil, then lower heat so that it gently simmers for approx 35 mins, then add cubed potatoes, cook for 10 mins and add frozen garden peas, cook for approx 10 more minutes or until potatoes and cuttlefish are tender, but that should be more than enough!!

Recipe by Nigel & Deborah Garcia


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