Roast duck with caramelised red cabbage and onion, served with potatoes


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  • Two pieces of duck,
  • One big onion,
  • Half a red cabbage,
  • Two teaspoon sugar,
  • Two tablespoonfuls of red wine vinegar,
  • A blob of butter,
  • Thyme,
  • Six to eight potatoes


1. Peel potatoes, place whole in a saucepan with water and boil, once cooked place in a glass oven dish and bake until golden. season with salt and pepper.

2. Cut the cabbage and boil in water until cooked, drain excess water and put aside,

3. In a pan add the blob of butter and fry onions until tender, in that same pan, chop and add the cabbage, add sugar and red wine vinegar, stir together until it turns sticky and caramelised.

4. Place duck pieces in an oven dish and cook until tender and skin becomes golden brown.

5. Place cabbage on a plate and duck on top serve with the potatoes and sprinkle the potatoes with the thyme,

Recipe by Nadia Alvez

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