Spinach Soup

Ingredients Handful spinach leaves 1 large piece pumpkin diced 2 sticks celery - chopped 1 large courgette peeled and diced 1 large tomato peeled 1 portion cheese light salt and pepper...

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Ingredients butter3 cloves garlic, mincedhalf kilo mushrooms, thinly sliced  1 large onion, diced salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 1 cup red wine 4 cups chicken broth 1...

Chickpea Fritters

Ingredients 110gms chickpea flour1/2 onion chopped1 and 1/2 cups of waterSaltGround black pepperFresh parsley Method 1. Place flour and onion in bowl and slowly add in the...

Baked Egg in Tomato with Chestnut Mushrooms and Black Olives

Ingredients 2 Free Range Eggs250 G Passata (Tomate Titurado)2 Chestnut Mushrooms5 Garlic Marinated Black OlivesCayenne pepperRosemarySaltBlack pepper Method 1. Finely chop your olives and mushrooms and mx...

Oven Baked Tortilla

Ingredients 6 eggs3 large potatoes2 onions100 grs Spanish Ham (optional)150 grs camembert cheese150 grs blue cheeseparsleysalt,pepperoil Method 1) slice potatoes, chop onions, cube cheeses and chop parsley 2)...

Roasted Red Peppers

Ingredients Red peppersOnionsaltvinegaroil Method 1. Oven roast your red peppers 2. Once nicely roasted wrap round a wet dish cloth for a while before peeling of the skin....

Cauliflower Cheese Egg Flan

Ingredients 1 large cauliflower4 garlic cloves5 extra large eggs250g grated extra mature cheddar1 tablespoon breadcrumbs2 tablespoons olives oilFresh parsley Method 1. Boil cauliflower and drain. 2. Fry chopped garlic...

Stuffed Mushrooms

Ingredients 1 1/2 cup grated cheese1/2 cup grated bread3 eggsMarjoram, salt and pepperA bit of food colouringBits of bacon optional Method 1. Clean and remove the stalk...

French Onion Soup

Ingredients ButterBeef Stock Cube1ltr Water1 Onion1 Garlic CloveWhite WineFrench BaguetteGrated Cheese Method 1. Chop and slice your onion and garlic 2. In a hot pan melt a large...

Lettuce and Blue Cheese Soup

Ingredients Half a lettuce2 potatoes3 oz blue stilton cheesesalt and peppervermicelli pastaboiled eggs1 1/2 pints watermint leaf to garnish Method 1. Pour the water into a pot,...