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My Baci with a difference are ready. Different because they are round with the hazelnut in the middle.  So I am renaming them Kusse...

Sponge fingers with chocolate spread, almonds and custard

Ingredients One pkt of sponge fingers. Chocolate spread of your liking. One pkt ground almonds. One pkt of custard. Chocolate flakes Strawberries Method 1. Sandwich two fingers with the chocolate spread and...

Apple Tartin

Ingredients 1 ready rolled puff pastry4 medium apples.1 cup of sugar1 cup of water.2 teaspoons cinnamon powder Method 1. Cut apples into slices. 2. Place your apples in...

Rosquitas – Doughnuts with Syrup

Ingredients 3 whole eggs in a glass (use the same glass to measure the oil and sugar1 glass vegetable oil1 glass sugar1 tsp Vanilla Essence1...

Moroccan Almond Pasties

Ingredients 90g sugar35g corn flour100g ground almonds1 tsp orange flower water1 tsp baking powder1 egg Icing sugar for dusting1 tsp lemon juice Method 1. Mix almond, sugar, baking powder...

Creamy Moist Chocolate Cake

Ingredients 300g soft butter300 g castor sugar125g raising flour.75g Cocoa powder1 tsp baking flour5 large eggs. Method 1. Mix sugar and butter in a large bowl and beat...

Sticky Honey Cake

Ingredients 4ozs. sugar,6ozs. honey,1/3 pint of milk,8 ozs. s.r. flour,1 teaspoon baking powder,1 egg (beaten). Method 1. Set oven at 180 C. 2. Heat sugar, milk and honey in...

Cinnamon & Custard Rolls A La Bonavia

Ingredients for approximately 10-12 rolls: 1 x Packet of Puff Pastry, thinly rolled1 x Packet of Custard Powder (made in advance and cooled at room temperature)2...

Golden Syrup Cupcakes

Ingredients 4ozs sugar,6ozs golden syrupone third pint of milk8 ozs. s.r. flour1 teaspoon baking powder1 egg (beaten)optional: sultanas or raisins Method 1. Set oven at 180 C. 2....

Banana and Peach Crumble

Ingredients 2 bananas2 peaches2Tbsp brown sugar3 Tbsp golden syrupa little lemon juice Crumble 8ozs flour4 ozs margarine2 Tbsp sugar Method 1. Grease the baking dish, arrange the chopped fruits and sprinkle...

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Baked Egg in Tomato with Chestnut Mushrooms and Black Olives

Ingredients 2 Free Range Eggs250 G Passata (Tomate Titurado)2 Chestnut Mushrooms5 Garlic Marinated Black OlivesCayenne...

Fish Pie

Ingredients Puff Pastry,420 g salmon fillets,420 g Haddock fillets,420 g raw prawns, 1 leek and half...

Drunk Pears

1 large tin of pears in syrup1 glass brandyIce creamfilo pastry Place the pears and...