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Spicy Prawns

Ingredients 1/2KG Peeled Prawns2 tbsp Olive Oil Mixture 1/2 tbsp Paprika1/2 tbsp Onion Powder1/4 tsp Thyme1/4 tsp Garlic Powder4 Crushed Whole Peppercorns1/2 tbsp Salt1 sliced Onion (optional)Sprinkle...

Spicy Fish

Ingredients 4 pieces white fish (14cm long)4 garlic cloves crushedparsleyoil2 teaspoonful red pepper pastesaltpepper Rosemarie shows us there's really nothing to this recipe. Method 1 Crush all your ingredients...


Ingredients 800 grs gilthead fillets3 thinly sliced Med tomatoes5 cloves garlic thinly sliced 1 sliced green pepper 1 thinly sliced onions 1 bay leaf 100 ml white wine salt pepper 4...

Cod and Prawn Tagine

Ingredients 800 G New Potatoes800 G Prawns800 Cod2 tbps Tomate Frito1 Onion1 Lemon3 Bell PeppersOlive Oil Method 1 Boil around 800 grams of new potatoes. I like them skin...

Steamed Mussels with Serrano Ham, Onion, Garlic & Pimenton

Ingredients 1 KG Mussels75 G Serrano Ham chunks1/2 Onion3 Garlic ClovesPimenton DulceSweet WineParsley Method 1. Dice your onion and garlic into very fine pieces and place these in...

Mama Lotties – A Gibraltarian Kitchen Episode 1, Part 2

Justin discovers a bit about the history surrounding the sea and Gibraltar's love for seafood, finishing off his meal for the night, all in...

Mama Lotties – A Gibraltarian Kitchen – Episode 1, Part 1

Things get a little fishy this week as we look out to sea for inspiration for tonight's meal. Explore the world of Gibraltarian Cooking with...

Gambas a la Plancha – Griddle Grilled Prawns

Ingredients 8 Langoustines (4 Per Person) Sea Salt Splash of Oil Fresh Parsley Garlic https://youtu.be/hvPYumyETak Method 1. Thoroughly rinse your langoustines under fresh water. Meanwhile, turn on your hob to the highest setting and place...

Clam Linguine

The summer just calls for simple, easy to make food that does not really take much effort to do, I mean you don't want...

Mama’s Seafood Paella

Ingredients 6-8 tomatoes1 large onion2 long frying peppers3 Garlic clovessaffron (pinch)olive oilsaltbayleaf500g clams*500g Prawns2 medium squidsRice (A handful per person + one extra) *Soak your clams in water for few hours before...