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Chicken and Ham Pie

Ingredients For Pastry 1 Glass of Plain Flour1 Glass of Water1 Glass of OilPinch of Salt For the filling 500g Minced Chicken500g Minced Ham3 to 4 clove of...

Moroccan style chicken

Ingredients 1 chicken cut into pieces2 small pkts roasted almonds4/5 prunes3 tsp pinchitos spices (Moroccan spices)6 sliced onionsFlour, salt,6 peppercornsMoroccan OilPine nuts Coat the pieces of...

Chicken in Tomato sauce

Ingredients 3 Chicken Breasts, cut in half 560 g jar fried Tomatoes 1 Green Pepper 1 Bay Leaf 2 sliced Carrots 1 cubed medium...

Chicken Fajitas

Ingredients 6-8 flour Wraps2 Chicken Breasts1/2 Onion1/2 Red and 1/2 Green and 1/2 Yellow Pepper400 g Red Kidney BeansOlive OilFajita Mix / Spices400 g Chopped...

Creamy Mushroom Chicken and Pancetta

Ingredients 300 G Baby New PotatoesParsleyOlive Oil150 ML Single Cream1/4 glass White Wine (dry)Plain Flour200 g Mushrooms2 Garlic ClovesLemon Juice50 g Green Beans100 g Pancetta1...

Grandpa Claudio’s Pasta

Ingredients 200gr Macaroni80grs Hard Edam Cheese80grs Smoked Baconl cube Beef OXO1/2 Stock Cube meat or chicken1 small pkt tomato saucesalt1 egg Oven at 200 Boil the pasta...

Pollo al la Pepitoria – Pepitoria Chicken

Ingredients 1 Onion (Cebolla)4 Cloves Of Garlic (Ajos)1 Slice Of Bread1 Glass Of White Wine Or A Glass Of Beer (For A Whole Chicken)1 Whole...

Chicken wings with veg

Ingredients 500grs chicken wings (my butcher makes like little lollipops out of the wings. If in gibraltar Ouahabi at the market)1 onion sliced1 aubergine peeled...

Chicken Revuelto

Ingredients 1 Chicken Breast1/2 Onion1 PepperHot sauceSpinachOil3 eggsParsleysalt 1. Dice your chicken breast and fry with a bit of oil until seared. 2. Chop your onion and...

Chicken and Prawn Paella

Ingredients 200G Chicken Breast (Diced)100G PrawnsGarlic2-3 Tomatoes2 PeppersRice (Handful Per Person)SaffronHalf Lemon,Bay LeafSalt 1. Boil a kettle and leave to one side. 2. Chop your garlic, tomatoes...