Sacarello’s Coffee Shop, Gibraltar


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Ok, so I went a little overboard the last time I was at Sacarello’s. Their cakes just stared at me from behind the glass cover and the smell of coffee in the air begin to rile my senses. “Get the cake, don’t forget….Oh which one, so, I’ll get some of this for her and that one for myself, then we can share.” That was just the beginning….

Occupying a 19th century merchant warehouse, you can find a coffee shop, but to be more precise, Gibraltar’s most famous coffee shop.

Established in the heart of Gibraltar, just shy from the main, busy, commercial street, known as Irish Town, you can find Sacarello’s Coffee Shop & Restaurant. With their devotion to artisan coffee, if the smell of the freshly roasted coffee beans from around the world do not entice you then the modern and traditional infused interior and cosy atmosphere surely will.

Sacarello’s quaint charm of being lost in an older, innocent Gibraltar is something that attracts all ages, from the after school teens looking to socialise with their friends, to businessmen and woman visiting during their lunch break or to discuss business throughout the day and even the older generations for breakfast or that afternoon stroll through town.

Ever since I can remember Sarcarello’s has always been a part of my life, from after school catch ups with friends, through to recent day, it has always been a locale where I can casually catch up with friends and the about town gossip.


The coffee is always produced to the very highest level, with my personal favourite being the Cafe Mocha with cream (£3.10). Personally, I am not a fan of iced coffee, be it dessert or otherwise, but Sacarello’s are also noted for their famous Fraparellos (£3.00); iced cappuccino with cream and cocoa powder. Refreshing and delicious would be a slight understatement.

Like I mentioned earlier, when it comes between me and cake, there’s very little hope for a sensible outcome. I ordered a, generous, slice of the Homemade Gateaux (£3.70), whilst my friend, a tad more practical, had asked for the Traditional Scones (£1.40).

As we enjoyed our fluffy and lusciously moist baked goods with our coffees, whilst soaking up the atmosphere and enthralled in deep conversations about the our lives, I realised I had, in what could best be described as, inhaled, my cake and may have been looking at those scones, ready to pounce at any given moment.

I removed myself, deciding it was best to let my friend enjoy her scone and headed to the bar to order a Herbal Infusion (£1.95), I think I had my fair share of caffeine for one day; and walked round passing the salad bar, with freshly prepared mouthwatering bowls full of colour.

Sacarello Cake

With my tea ready, I headed back to my table, asking for a Jamón Serrano and Tomato Baguette (£4.80) with the assurance they would take it up for me, to find my friend having finished her scone all to herself…I was content with my decision for more food.

I’m quite happy to say that Sacarello’s generations of hard work has concluded in a coffee shop that I would gladly return to and recommend to locals and visitors alike, it’s loud, it’s charming and sophisticated.

If you haven’t yet, then try their coffee inspired Chilli con Carne

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