Mama T’s Breakfast Pots


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Mornings, they can just be so difficult sometimes, especially when your bed is just to comfortable. The idea of getting up and making breakfast from scratch can be a daunting task at such early hours of the morning.

I had great inspiration when talking to a friend of mine the other day, let’s call her ‘Mama T’, she told me how show doesn’t have breakfast at home, aside from the morning cup of tea but takes a jar with her breakfast on the go, which she prepares the night before and enjoys it at work.

Following her suggestion, I decided to prepare some healthy breakfast pots that make it easy to enjoy a fresh, healthy breakfast so early in the morning, without much effort.


  • Granola Mix
  • Your Favourite Natural Yoghurt
  • Frozen Fruit


1, Once you’ve selected your favourite fruit mix and natural yoghurt from the shop. Lay out a selection of pots / jars on the table. I found that 1 large Yeo Valley yoghurt pot filled about 3 jars.

2, This requires three layers. First, pour about two table spoons of granola into your pot, cover with the same amount of frozen fruit and cover with yoghurt to the top of the jar.

3, Place the lid over the jars if you have any and leave in the fridge. These should keep for the remainder of the week, ready to enjoy in the morning, just before work and school.

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