Beetroot Crisps

beetroot crisps

You may have seen our Sweet Carrot Chips the other day…no? check them out. Anyway, it’s World Health Day today and in the theme of that we wanted to show you there are other ways to enjoy crisps that the those you find in packets at the store.  There’s really nothing to these, except a whole load of flavour and deliciousness.


  • 1 Pre-boiled Beetroot
  • Sea Salt
  • Olive Oil


1, Thinly slice a beetroot from one end to another keeping each slice almost translucent and round

2, Heat a pan with olive oil, when very hot, season the beetroot slices and fry until the outsides just about crisp.

3, Drain on a kitchen towel and enjoy as a snack throughout the day or a side to your meal.