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Enjoy the warm weather with a crisp glass of summer’s most popular wine, Rosé! These pretty-in-pink wines are composed of light, summery flavours such as citrus, red fruits and melon. 

These wines are perfectly versatile when it comes to pairing with food as they fall in between the extremes of red and white – less intense than a big, tannic, mouth-busting red, but with more depth than a super light white. 

‘Their happy-medium flavour profile is the perfect touch to your everlasting summer nights.’

Brownstone White Zinfandel is the perfect example of this. In the early 1900’s, a winemakers great, great grandfather emigrated from Italy to New York.  His family settled in a Brooklyn brownstone, not far from the docks where he worked as a ship’s caulker by trade and a winemaker by heritage.

He taught his sons how to make and sell wine, and they eventually opened Scotto’s Wine Cellars; it’s still a Brooklyn neighbourhood landmark after all these years.

The label of this bottle represents the family’s fresh start in America and an early chapter in their winemaking legacy. Their White Zinfandel wine tastes best when served chilled, this is to highlight the crisp strawberry and raspberry flavours along with its refreshing aromas of fruits. All in all, it just smells and tastes like summer, and oh how we love that!

Drinking this wine is ideal before meals and with a variety of foods from spicy wings and provolone to BBQ and grilled foods. 

Our second pick for the summer is El Lagar de Isilla Rosé a clean bright raspberry pink wine, from the famous Ribera Del Duero in Spain. The story of El Lagar de Isilla Winery started in the 15th century with a historic underground cavern at a depth of 12 metres, where the Zapatero Pinto Family elaborated their first bottles of Wine. In 1995 the Winery as we know it today was founded and we can enjoy their legacy here today. 

Their rosés grape variety consists of 80% Tempranillo, 15% Albillo and 5% Cabernet, made in calcareous-clay soils from Ribera del Duero. Its wild fresh fruit aromas and delicate floral tones give this rosé wine the perfect touch. It’s Silky and warm with a well-balanced acidity. Fresh on the palate leaving notes of fruits and flowers. 

These fruity and fabulous rosés’ can be found exclusively at My Wines, where you can enjoy either on its own or whilst having a meal from our extensive menu or from one of Mama Lottie’s recipes

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