Kenwood Multipro Food Processor: Product Review


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Several weeks ago I treated myself to a food processor, which was one of those kitchen products I kept finding myself needing but had never managed to get. Fast forward to today and I can confidently I have fallen in love with this of machinery.

I’m sometimes a bit iffy when it comes to gadgets with lots of adapters and says it can do a great many things, I tend to start to think, well, something got to give. Thankfully and very happily I stand corrected when it comes to the Kenwood Multipro Food Processor FPP220

What makes this one great for is not just the fact that it’s compact, which means i can store it easily and it won’t take up much room, but that I can easily swap functions, so when it’s come to making soups, smoothies and then realised i’d quickly like to slice something or blend a bunch of ingredients together i can swap to blender to processor without hassle.Kenwood Food Processor Adapter

In case you’re wondering, the food processor doesn’t just blend everything together, it bring two other adapters each with their own purpose, one whips, perfect for whipping some cream when making those desserts we love and the other slices, which is brilliant when you’re in a hurry and want to have a healthy dinner without having to search for knives, boards and all sorts.

The blender adapter is actually bigger than one i had in the past, even though it’s compact the blender still fits in 1.2L which is enough soup, or smoothie to feed the masses and keep everyone satisfied.

Overall, I give this product all the thumbs up I can and will recommend it to everyone I know because It’s made my life easier and aside from baking me a cake and cooking dinner for me, it’s been a great help in the kitchen. Best of all it’s a great value for money product.


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