Homemade Smokey Cordon Bleu


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If you like Pollo Empanado then this is almost the same.

You can use any ham and cheese you like inside your chicken and since I was in the mood for a smokey taste I decided to use black forest ham. Unfortunately I didn’t have any but had I wanted an even smokier taste I would have gone as far as adding some smoked cheese too, but mature works just as well this time as a strong flavour is what I was after.

Begin by preparing your ingredients in separate dishes as this allows you to work fast and efficiently.


I find that slicing through chicken breast with a sharp knife is sort of therapeutic. When it goes right and you can cut it effortlessly and have it bend to your will it just works… and in the hopes of sounding less psychotic, let’s carry on.

Slice the chicken breast in half and cut a pocket half way through, then fill it with ham and cheese.


Sear the fillets to ensure they stay juicy once breaded and roasting in the oven. This can be messy to make, especially on your fingers if you use your hands. That’s just a warning if you’re wearing any jewellery.

When the chicken is ready place them in an oven dish and into the oven for 30 – 45 minutes until thoroughly cooked and golden.


Whilst the chicken is in the oven, cooking away, boil some rice to serve alongside. Serve everything and decorate as you wish. I run out of salad unfortunately so half a lonely tomato had to do.



  • 2 Chicken Breast Fillets
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Mature Cheddar Cheese
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • Parsley
  • 1 Garlic Clove


Preheat oven to 19o C.

1. Slice your two chicken breast fillets in half into slightly thinner slices.

2. Cut a pocket into your chicken breast fillet and fill with cheese and ham.

3. Sear the chicken in a hot pan so that the outside is just cooked and the inside remains raw. This will ensure that the chicken remains juicy when cooking in the oven

4. Remove from the pan onto a plate and allow the chicken to cool. Whilst the chicken cools finely chop some parsley and the garlic clove and mix this with your beaten eggs. Proceed to bread the chicken by dipping it in egg, then covering with flour, back into the egg and into the breadcrumbs.

5. Place the chicken pieces in an oven dish and cook in the oven for 30 – 45 minutes, until thoroughly cooked and golden.

6. Serve. I boiled some simple white rice to go with it.

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