Easy Peasy Bread Pudding

Ingredients 50 grams butter, softened6 - 7 sliced bread, crust removed75grs sultanas3 med eggs300ml single cream300ml whole milk (I used semi)50grs sugar (if diabetic 40grs...

Homemade Pain Au Chocolat

Ingredients Rolled Puff PastyNutella or Melted Chocolate Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Once ready Roll out thinly, Cover the dough with your Nutella spread or melted...

Amanani Diabetic Empire Cake

1lb self raising floursugar substitute Equivalent to 8oz Sugar8oz margarinepinch of saltpinch of mixed spices4oz sultanas4oz currants2oz chopped apricots(sugarfree)2 eggs1/4 pint of milk preheat oven...

Coconut Delight

Ingredients 1 cup sunflower oil1 cup caster sugar2.5 cups self raising flour3/4 cup milk1cup desiccated coconut1teaspoon vanilla extract1cup walnuts2 eggsFlaked almonds and sugar and syrup...

Egg free Chocolate Orange Mousse

Ingredients 1 small double cream1 large bar of chocolate1 orange Boil some water in a pan and place a large bowl over and melt your chocolate...

Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake

Ingredients 1 Small Packet Digestive Biscuits55 g Melted Butter200 G Cream Cheese150 ML Double Cream6 tsp of Sugar100 g Hazelnut ChocolateChocolate (to grate over) 1. Mash...

Bollos de Hornazo

Ingredients 1.1/2 lbs of Self Raising flour (700g)8 oz of butter (225g)8 oz of sugar (225g)4 eggs (4 - 5 eggs)Half a jar of aniseed...

Creamy Cheesecake by Mawisa

1 small packet digestive biscuits2 oz melted butter1 tub Philadelphia cream cheese2 small tins nestle cream6-8 tablespoons caster sugarjam / jelly fruit topping (of...

Borrachuelos de Mama

Ingredients 3 Oranges (juiced)*680 g Self Raising Flour280 ml Oil2 tbsp Aniseed200 g SugarGolden SyrupHundreds & ThousandsBrandy*White Wine*Dry Anise LIQUEUR**the three items above and the...

Mama’s Fluffy Chocolate Cake

Ingredients 225 g Sugar225 g Margarine4 Eggs225 G Self Raising Flour2 - 3 tbsp Chocolate Powder50 ML Milk1 Large Milk chocolate Method 1. Preheat your oven to...