Cucumber Gazpacho

Full of so much flavour I decided to take inspiration from the traditional tomato Gazpacho and give it a twist, making Cucumber Gazpacho. 

Coconut, Coriander, Prawn & Red Pepper Soup

Peppers Red and tomatoes. I combined these two to bring together an aromatic and fragrant Red Pepper Soup.

Spinach, Coconut & Courgette Soup

I love soup because it's so easy to eat and deceivingly filling. We mixed in some popular ingredients to make courgette soup.

Leek and Potato Soup

How are you getting on with your new year resolutions? The most common resolution in the new year is to start a diet, and I...
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Green Peas and Onion Soup

Ingredients 1 sliced bacon or 2 slices ham (optional)1 tin 150G garden peas1 pint water1 small onion 1 tablespoon Olive Oil Salt and pepper 1/2 cube veg...

Red Kidney Beans Soup

Ingredients 1/2 med tins red kidney beans1/2 potato1 onion 1 carrot 1 piece smoked ham 1 turnip 1/2 small cabbage Salt and pepper Method 1, Boil the red kidney beans and chunks...

Seafood Soup, Sole a la Meuniere and Tortillas de Pasas | Mama Lotties

https://youtu.be/eChwASc4X7A We're finally joined in the kitchen by Mama Lottie herself and she's cooking up a delicious menu for us for dinner. We're a little...

Roasted, Sweet Red Pepper Soup, Lomo Mechado and Mashed Potato Lemon Drizzle Cake | Mama Lotties

https://youtu.be/pD6W3_1yjYo Mama Christine takes over the kitchen today with three mouthwatering dishes you can make for the festive season. We're also surprised by her choice...
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Roasted Sweet Red Pepper Soup

Ingredients 1 potato2 leeks1 large tomato2 roasted red peppers1 heaped spoon paprikamascarpone cheese1 cup single cream1 tub of cream1 cauliflower2 carrots Method 1, Slice your vegetables and...

Prawn Soup, Lemon Chicken, Meringue Trifle

https://youtu.be/zoSp15WBjbE Ana Maria serves up a tantalising selection of recipes her family adore. The best thing? They're so quick and easy, you can make these...

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