Ajoblanco – Cold Almond soup

Ajoblanco is one of Spain's wonderfully light and smooth cold soups. Ajoblanco is best enjoyed on a perfect hot summer's day.  Serves: 5 | Cooking...

Mama’s Pollo al Ajillo (Garlic Chicken)

Pollo al ajillo is a childhood favourite recipe of mine. If you like a good garlic dish then pollo al ajillo is one to try. The garlic cooked in the skin is soft and sweet.

Mama’s Alioli Sauce

Preparing a fish dish and need an accompaniment or looking for something to dip your chips in? Try our aioli sauce with paprika, adding a bit more depth to the sauce we've grown to love. 

Garlic Soup (Sopa de Ajo)

I remember garlic soup growing up and warming up with it on incredibly cold winter nights. This garlic soup is especially great as garlic...
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Roasted Green Beans & Crispy Garlic Salad

Roasted Green Beans & Crispy Garlic Salad to enjoy as a side dish or simple plate up for everyone to dig in. Ingredients 650g Green Beans (trimmed)1 White...

One Pan Roast Cod

This one pan roast cod dish makes savoury Cod that bit better allowing the flavours and juices to combine while roasting. 

Lomo Mechado | Stuffed Pork Loin

I love a good roast and stuffing. This lomo mechado is beautiful when cut and each layer of stuffing is revealed. The great thing...

Green Marrow, Chorizo and Cheese Bake

Ingredients Two green marrows.Four garlics.Four eggsone chorizo Two cups of grated cheese. Salt and pepper. Method 1, Boil marrows and drain excess water out. 2, In a frying pan add a bit...
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Clam Linguine

The summer just calls for simple, easy to make food that does not really take much effort to do, I mean you don't want...

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