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Hey Hey! Happy weekend!

I hope the rain isn’t spoiling it for you, but that just means you can stay in and bake and cook some yummy cosy meals. Always a bright side! Well you may have seen already but i’ve been pretty excited lately because i’m bringing you some pretty fantastico news today. READY?!

Mama Lotties has published a SECOND cookbook called Mama Lotties – Tasting the Mediterranean: Exploring Gibraltar’s Recipes. This is now available on Amazon and all local Gibraltar bookshops, even our website. What? No way? YES, yes it’s true! 

A year after the fantastic launch and reaction from you guys about the first book, and a few requests, we decided to put together a second cookbook to include recipes we missed out in the first one. We’ve included, and i’m only going to mention a few as there are 32 recipes in total, Puchero, Cima Rellena, Pan Dulce, Callos and Tortillas de Pasas. AI QUE BUENO!
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