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Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian Enchiladas

Have you thought of making your very own enchiladas from scratch? how about a vegetarian one full of flavour that's a bit sweeter than the traditional?

Pork and Marinated Mushroom Ramen

I've always seen so many different ramens around when i've been travelling or sat at a restaurant and tasted so many I wanted to...

Artichoke, Ham, Baby Potatoes and Tomato Summer Salad

Spring and summer are just the best time of year (for me anyway). I love the fact that you can be outdoors late and...

Cabbage Stew (potage de coles)

I love a good old fashioned mama stew. Potage de coles or cabbage stew is exactly one of those childhood dishes that fill you...
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Quorn Stir Fry

An quick and easy Quorn Stir Fry for you to take as a work lunch. Ingredients 1 packet smoked QUORN1 sliced onionJulienne cut1 green pepper1...

Vegetable Tortilla

A Vegetable Tortilla or tortilla campera to give a spring to the traditional spanish tortilla.

Mum’s Vegetarian Lasagne

Treat yourself to a vegetarian explosion. Mum's vegetarian lasagne is creamy, tasty and so satisfying i don't think one plate will be enough. 

Falafel Burgers

It's no doubt that with the use of chickpea in many of our dishes and Gibraltar's vibrant Jewish community and Middle Eastern cultural connections that...
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Lentil Stew

Ingredients 1 packet lentils,1 large onion,4 cloves garlic,1 green or red pepper,small piece of chopped pumpkin,1 large potato,1 teaspoon paprika,3 skinned tomatoesa tin tomate triturado,1...

Courgette, Cheese and Bacon Bake

Ingredients 3 Large Courgettes1 TSP Mixed Herbs3 Large Eggs2 Garlic Cloves250G Grated Mozzarella Cheese200G Grated Cheddar CheeseSaltPepper1 Packet Bacon Method 1, Grate the courgettes and drain all the...

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