Rolled Baklava

If you love rich, sweet and sticky desserts then you’ll this Middle-Eastern favourite. Changing it up from the standard layered dessert, instead I rolled the filo and nuts locking in as much flavour as possible. 

Cooking Time: 1h 30 minutes Serves: 5

  • 120G Pistachios
  • 100G Walnuts
  • 100G Almonds
  • 2 Tsps Cinnamon
  • Filo Pastry (9 Sheets)
  • Honey / Agave Syrup
  • 250G Butter

Start by blending together the nuts with the cinnamon in a food processor, so that you have a crumb mixture, but don’t blend them too fine, keep the texture coarse. (keep 20G of pistachios aside)

Melt the butter in a separate bowl and spread the filo pastry out on counter. Brush butter on the filo and lay another layer of pastry on top. Do this so that you have two or three layers, buttering the top most layer and covering with part of the nut mixture and a drizzle of a tablespoon of honey. 

Fold over once, upwards, leaving a 2 cm edge at the top and roll from the folded bottom edge up. Once you have finished rolling, squeeze the filo roll towards the centre from the outside, crinkling it up.

Lay this in an oven dish, cover with butter and repeat until you’ve used all your ingredients, or no more fit in the oven dish.

Transfer to the oven at 160°C  and cook for 1h 20 minutes. Before the time is up, heat up about 50 – 100ml of honey so that it loosens and becomes runny and once you remove the baklava from the oven, brush over whilst everything is hot. Sprinkle with a crushing of the remaining pistachios and allow everything to cool down before serving. 

You can find this recipe and more in our Mama Lotties – 100 Everyday Recipes Cookbook