Mama Lotties is open to everyone. Explore the website, click away, like everything, try everything and share your thoughts in our comment box. Really…go wild!

You can even talk about the recipes with others on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group 

We do however have a few things we’d like to point out when it comes to sharing recipes on our website.

What can I submit?

Anything can be submitted via the Submit Recipe as long as there’s an image alongside it. You can post recipes, videos or food related news articles.

We do need to tell you though. Keep it clean! No porn, profanity, spam, or anything else that is simply not suitable. 

How does one submit?

1. Make sure your image is a minimum of at least 700 x 500 px and no bigger than 2mb. If you need to fix colors, contrast, or resize, please do that before uploading with Photoshop, or a free online program like Pixlr. Have your photo laid out as deliciously appealing as possible. There’s no rush to take a photo so keep an eye on those final touches and take your time. there’s nothing worse than a blurry picture. 


2. Make sure you clearly lay out your recipe. Have INGREDIENTS under a title and METHOD below under a title. If you can also remember,  include the serving amounts and cooking time.


3. Remember to check spelling. Although we will review all submissions before approval and edit where necessary, having all spelling checked and the recipe clearly laid out will help us review it faster.


4Submit and wait patiently while we moderate and publish.


What gets published?

Good posts do. We want to aim for a website full of beautiful food photography with brilliantly descriptive recipes for everyone to enjoy. So like we said take your time, take great photos, write good recipes and PRESTO.

Images + Content.

Quality. Mama Lotties is visually driven. Some people search for the recipe directly others will be attracted by the image and want to make it to taste it, so the quality of the image is important. Images should be well-lit, accurately coloured, with good contrast, and most importantly, be in focus.

Layout. Keep your images focused on or around the final product. I mean ingredients are great but we really want to see what we should be aiming for when we make them.

NO SPAM. Avoid any and all “Click here,” “Check this out…” “Learn how to…” Provide a link if you must but be subtle we want people to decide for themselves.

Permission. Make sure you have permission to use all images and to use the recipe. We do not use and will not accept google images… we’ll check if need be. (This is a big no no)

Notes and Tips on Submissions

Original content. Keep it original and keep them yours. Do not copy and paste a recipe off another site and definitely not without referencing it. 

(Image) size matters. Images have to be 700 x 500 px, at least. Otherwise they will be a little awkward and just won’t look right.

No text or graphics. Try and keep images text and graphic free. 

We like it weird. Be cool, be weird, be exciting and be adventurous. We love traditional but we also like it when people mix up the traditional and try something new. The quirkier (as long as it’s edible) the better.



We will try to moderate recipes as quickly as we can. Every recipe is reviewed individually and we sometimes need to sleep….only sometimes, so this may take a day or two, so we ask that you’re patient and just keep checking. If there’s a problem with the submission we will let you know.

And Finally … Let’s have fun!