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Cod & Chorizo Stew

Combining two of my favourite ingredients into a fusion dish. Fish and chorizo are brought together in true Mediterranean style. 

Mama’s Brussels Sprouts

Don't be fooled into thinking Brussel Sprouts are the devil's vegetable. Fry them up with some herbs and garlic and see them...

Spring Salad

Refreshingly Mediterranean.This salad's contrasting sweet and savoury combination and fresh ingredients make this a great salad any time of the day.

Japonesas – Custard Filled ‘Doughnuts’

Japonesas are an absolute classic. Found in most local pastry shops in Gibraltar and nearby Spain these sticky treats filled with runny...

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Vegan Recipes

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Mama Lotties gets a Heritage Award.

Back in November 2018 we were thrilled to discover that we had been nominated for a Gibraltar Heritage Award.

Gastronomy on the Quay

Are you a massive foodie? Can you just not get enough of trying new dishes and looking for any excuse to stuff...

La Sagrestia – Rome

Have you ever imagined what your family restaurant might be like if your family all got together, opened a place and just...

My experience of the Ocean Village Tapas Route… (Guest Post)

Apparently there is a suggested route, but we didn't follow it, preferring instead to start at the Indian restaurant and work our...

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