Bacon and Mince Roll

Ingredients 6 slices smoked bacon 400grs minced meat 1 Tablespoon breadcrumbs 1 med egg 1 grated garlic clove Marjoram Salt and pepper 6 slices..sliced cheese 1 piece greaseproof paper 1 Tablespoon olive oil Method 1, In...

Swordfish Meatballs

Ingredients half kilo minced swordfish3 cloves minced garlic1 egg,2 ozs grated edam or cheddar cheese,tabasco sauce,breadcrumbs,parsley,half chopped red pepper,saltpepper Method 1. Mix all the ingredients together. Mixture...

Oven Roasted Fish with Potatoes and Vegetables

Ingredients 2 Cod Fillets2 Large PotatoesFrozen Vegetables Or Fresh (Carrots, Peas, Cauliflower, Brocolli)ButterGarlic (Chopped Or Crushed Powder)SpinachParsleySaltPepperOlive Oil 1. Preheat your oven to 200c 2. There are...

BBQ Chicken Drumsticks with Potato Cakes

Ingredients For Drumsticks 3 tbsp tomato ketchup2 tbsp clear honey2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce1 tbsp soy sauce1 tbsp olive oil1 tbsp white wine vinegar1 tsp Cajun...

Oxtail in onion sauce

Ingredients 500 G oxtail2 med onions sliced2 oxo cubes4 tablespoonful Olive OilSalt and pepperEnough flour to dust boiled oxtailsOne or three cups of stock Method 1. Boil...


I have tried many different types of samosas, so I wanted to give them a go myself. These vegetarian samosas are crunchy on the...

Spinach, Kale, Mushroom & Egg Stir Fry

So it happens to all of us. There are just some days where we really don't fancy cooking, it happens to me too, I...

Stewed cuttlefish (Jibia Guisada)

Ingredients 350 grs squid clean and diced1 small tin garden peas1 med chopped onion 3 chopped garlic cloves 3 med potatoes diced 2 tablespoon butter 1 cup white wine 1...

Pisto with eggs and grated cheese

Ingredients 1 big aubergine,1 big green pepperOne big potato  1 big courgette , 1 big red pepper. One big red tomato 1 carton of fried tomato 1 vegetable cube, Two eggs 1...

Cabbage Stew

Ingredients 2 cups presoaked chick peas6 cups chopped cabbage2 sliced carrots1 bayleaf1 small potato2 peeled and chopped tomatoes1 chopped onion1 tablespoonful tomato puree2 sliced garlic...

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Baked Egg in Tomato with Chestnut Mushrooms and Black Olives

Ingredients 2 Free Range Eggs250 G Passata (Tomate Titurado)2 Chestnut Mushrooms5 Garlic Marinated Black OlivesCayenne...

Fish Pie

Ingredients Puff Pastry,420 g salmon fillets,420 g Haddock fillets,420 g raw prawns, 1 leek and half...

Drunk Pears

1 large tin of pears in syrup1 glass brandyIce creamfilo pastry Place the pears and...