Courgette, Cheese and Bacon Bake

Ingredients 3 Large Courgettes1 TSP Mixed Herbs3 Large Eggs2 Garlic Cloves250G Grated Mozzarella Cheese200G Grated Cheddar CheeseSaltPepper1 Packet Bacon Method 1, Grate the courgettes and drain all the...

Rice and meat cakes in onion sauce

Ingredients 1/2 cup boiled rice200 grs lean minced beef1  Eggparsley, salt and pepper2 onions sliced2 Beef Stock CubesCorn Flour Method 1. Mix all ingredients except onions, oxo and corn...

Mama’s Flavoured Butter

I love the idea of having your very own flavoured butters in the fridge ready to use on some toast, with sauces or well,...

Boquerones rellenos

Ingredients 500 G of Anchovies (boquerones)4 tbs of grated Cheese2 TBS Breadcrumbs1 Garlic CloveParsleySalt2 EggsFlour 1. Clean, de-bone and butterfly the anchovies. 2. In a bowl, beat...

Chicken Breast in Tomato Sauce

Ingredients 3 chicken breasts,1 carton Tomate Frito,3 chopped garlic cloves,half an onion,glass white wine,bay leaf,salt and pepper,olive oil,water to cover. Method 1. Fry onion and garlic, add small...

Solomillo en Tomate al Horno

Ingredients 2 Solomillo de Tenera (Sirloin)1 Onion.1 Courgette.2 handfuls frozen green beans.ThymeCorianderTomate fritoWhite Wine Method 1. Cut the courgettes into thin circular slices and boil until soft,...

Hawaiian Chops

Ingredients 10 thick pork chops12 ounces ketchup1 1/2 Cups Water1/2 cup Vinegar1/2 cup SugarSalt and Pepper1 small tin crushed Pineapple Method 1. Brown the chops slowly to...

Pork, Chorizo and Broccoli Tart

Ingredients 300 G Pork Loin steaks200 g Broccoli65 g ChorizoPuff Pastry1 Onion2 Garlic Cloves400 G Chopped TomatoesSaltFresh Basil Leaves 1. Begin by chopping and boiling the...

Cheese & Pancetta Chicken Rolls with Eggy Rice

Ingredients Thinly filleted chicken slices (1 Kilo of Chicken Breasts)8 Slices of Edam Cheese14 Slices of PancettaSalt & Pepper2 cups Boiled Rice2-3 Large Eggs, scrambled Method 1....

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