Spaghetti with Clams and Prawns

Ingredients One pkt of frozen clams or half a kilo.Half kilo of prawns,Spaghetti, I cut mine to fill a soup plate .1 onion . One clove...

Jureles en Escabeche – Mackerel in a Pickle Marinade

Ingredients 1 kilo mackerel1 cup malt vinegar1/2 water3 teaspoon salt4 slices bread without crust4 garlic cloves2 bayleaves2 teaspoon Paprika Method 1. Clean fish and cut into 2...

Chicken Calzone a la Bonavia

Ingredients 1/2kg Lean Chicken Breast1/2 Small Red Pepper1/2 Small Green Pepper1 Medium Spring Onion1 Jar Tomate Frito1 fine Pizza Base (roll out type)6tbsp Grated MozzarellaOlive...

Pescado a la sal – Salted Grilled Fish

Ingredients Sea Bream (or any whole fish)Coarse Rock SaltFresh parsley bunch. Method 1. Stuff your  fish with a few bunches of fresh parsley. Cover your fish (I used...

Filo Parcels with Serrano Ham, Camembert & Pesto

The crisp texture of the filo pastry as it crunches against the soft cheese filling is a winner in my books. No need to...

Mama’s Vegan Pad Thai

I do like a good pad thai, I mean nothing really compares to a traditional and authentically prepared dish, but i have enjoyed adapting...

Greek-Style Spinach Pie (Spanakopita)

Did you know that the 'Torta de Acelga' Gibraltar is used to is also made differently in many other cultures? I wanted to try...

Lomo Mechado | Stuffed Pork Loin

Ingredients Pork Loin1 head of Garlic200g Cooked Ham2 or 4 boiled eggsOlive OilGlass of white winebay leafsaltpepperstring for binding Method 1, Grab your pork loin and slice down,...

Homemade Smokey Cordon Bleu

If you like Pollo Empanado then this is almost the same. You can use any ham and cheese you like inside your chicken and since...

Clam Linguine

The summer just calls for simple, easy to make food that does not really take much effort to do, I mean you don't want...

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