Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Chicken, Bacon and Mushrooms

Ingredients 4 slices bacon cut into small pieces2 cups mushrooms sliced4 thighs preferably without bones2 1/2 tablespoon flour1/2...

Pork loin wrapped in cheese, ham and puff pastry served with...

Ingredients One large pork loin filletOne small pkt of grated cheeseOne pkt of puff pastrySix slices of York...


This recipe was passed down to Kelly by her sister, but is now a regular fixture in family meals. This simple one...

Creamy Lemon Chicken

Ingredients 3 tablespoons flour1/2 teaspoon salt1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper4 skinless, boneless chicken breast cut in halves to...

Vegetarian Cannelloni

Ingredients SpinachGrated CheeseOnionsGarlicGreen BeansPeasCarrotsBroccoliCauliflowerSweetcornPeppersTinned Chopped TomatosTubed PastaBasil,Oregano Preheat oven to 200 Degrees

Huevos a la Flamenca

Ingredients 1 Egg227 G Tin Chopped Tomatoes (tomate titurado)145 G Peas1 Potato65 g Chorizo Chunks1/2 Onion2 Garlic ClovesOlive...

Cabbage Chickpea Hotpot

Ingredients 2 cups previously soaked chickpeas1/2 a med cabbage chopped1 chopped med onion1 diced potato2 whole garlic cloves1...

Stuffed Grilled Mushrooms

Ingredients 10 mushrooms2 bacon slices optional1 egg 1/2 chicken cube (I used gluten free) Garlic Salt Garlic granules

Pollo a la Jardinera

[If you've already translated the name of this dish then it's time to grab your garden veg and prepare to make a...

Salmon Pasta Bake

Ingredients 125g flaked smoked salmon100g Peas250g macaroni20g Dolce Latte90g Cheddar90g Hard EdamSalt and pepper. Béchamel