Pea Soup with Gammon

Ingredients 500g Yellow Split Peas3-4 Carrots1 OnionMint Leaves2 Fresh Tomatoes500 G Gammon Joint1 large Potato Method (Soak split peas overnight, drain them before use) 1. Place the following...

Spicy Fish

Ingredients 4 pieces white fish (14cm long)4 garlic cloves crushedparsleyoil2 teaspoonful red pepper pastesaltpepper Rosemarie shows us there's really nothing to this recipe. Method 1 Crush all your ingredients...

Lentejas – Lentil Stew

I'm a great lover of Lentejas, so much so I've even been guilty of enjoying it several times in a week. What makes this...

Mama’s Salsa Caracoles

Ingredients 3Kg Of Clams300G Walnuts300G AlmondsParsleyChilliCuminCorianderAll Ground TogetherWhite WineBread6 Tomatos3 Cloves Of Garlic1 Large OnionOilTin Of Anchovis In Oil, a Small Tin (Remove Oil.) 1. Heat...

Rolled Beef Parcels (rollitos)

Ingredients ‎2 thin slices beef1 garlic clove1 roasted red pepper ( pimiento moron)2 slices bacon2egg yolks (boiled)Salt and pepper SAUCE 1 food colouring (asafran)1 spring onion1 garlic...

Fideos con Atun – Spaghetti and Tuna

Ingredients 1 green pepper,1 onion,3 garlic gloves, all finely chopped,1 jar of Tomate frito casero,a glass white wine, 1 chicken or fish cube, (I used...

Roast Beef

Ingredients 1kg BeefMixed herbThick SaltFresh Chilliolive oilFresh Parsley Method 1. Place your beef in the center of an oven dish and season. 2. Finely chop your parsley and...

Spaghetti Bolognese with Chorizo

Ingredients 100 g Chorizo100 G SpaghettiSpinach leaves (handful)400 G Tin Chopped Tomatoes1 Small Onion2 Garlic cloves500 g Minced BeefPlain FlourFresh BasilDried Oregano50 G Grated Cheddar...

Mama’s Rolitos

Rolitos are a Gibraltarian treasure. They can be tricky to prepare, but believe them when they say, everything good is worth waiting for. 5 THIN...

Prawns and Spinach Gratin

The smell of melted cheese is oh so comforting and definitely one to get my hunger pains going. When i've been out i've tried...