Vegan Carrot Cake with “Cream cheese”

Carrot cake has to be one of, if not definitely, my favourite cake. Making a vegan version was a slight challenge as I tried to get the textures and favours just right. Sweet and fragrant, heartwarming and filling, just what you want from this tasty treat.

Summer Black Bean Burgers

This summer why not try a different kind of burger at your bbq.

Mama’s Madeira Cake

This cake has been a great addition to our tea time. The cake is so fluffy, light and moist that if you're not careful you'll end up eating it all in one sitting.

Mushroom and Sweet Onion Pierogi (Dumplings)

Discovering Polish dumplings has been a revelation! I have loved the fact that pierogis have so many variations, from savoury and soft to crunchy, creamy and believe it or not even sweet ones! WHAT! Yep I know, mind blown. The fantastic thing about these Eastern European treats is that once you make the dough and get the hang of shaping them all you need to do it is boil, sometimes fry and serve.

Polish Pierogis, Vegan Mango Red. Thai Curry, Red Wine Poached Pears

For this season's finale we have three special dishes! Mushroom and sweet onion Polish Pierogi's Vegan Mango Red...

Nanny Tucker’s Poached Pears

Here's a rich and decadent dessert that you can impress your friends with. 4 Pears1...

BRUNCH! Egg and Ham Cups, Fluffy Pancakes & Moist Banana Bread...

Make your weekends special with a brunch you'll remember! Fluffy pancakes - Banana...

Ham and Egg Muffins

Deep muffin tin6 Eggs SaltPepperSundried TomatoesDeli HamGrated Cheddar Cheese Beat together the eggs...

Mama’s Brussels Sprouts, Timpana & Chocolate Coconut Delights | Kitchen Comforts...

We explore a new Maltese recipe as Rosemarie Mañasco shares her family recipe with us and end on a sweet treat that's...

Stuffed Aubergines, Fideuà & Mantecados (peanut butter cookies) | Kitchen Comforts...

Indulge with recipes that are simple but rich in flavour! This week's will keep you, your family and your friends happy (if...

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