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Chocolate, Avocado & Peanut Butter Mousse Pots

Avocados make a great base for this recipe as they don't alter the taste of the chocolate and provide that fluffy whipped cream texture that make mousse so desirable. Finish it off with a little salty savouriness for a rich and indulgent dessert.

Rigatoni with Aubergine & Black Olive Ragu

A balanced dish of naturally sweet flavours stewed together to achieve a rich combination that leaves you with a ragu you just want to lick off the plate.

Croatian Flat Bread

This recipe was made on our show with Gabrijela Gradecak as part of Mama Lotties series where we then stuffed them with scrumptious Cevapcici ...

Vegan Torta de Patata (Spanish Omelette)

What? A torta de patata without egg you must be mad... well I might be but we still managed to make one and it's so convincing in colour and similar in texture that it would do a good job fooling you. This torta de patata is soft and smooth and very much like the original considering we've replaced the main ingredient.

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Garlic and Parsley Steamed Mussels

Ingredients 1 kg Mussels3 Garlic ClovesParsleyButter This dish doesn’t need much as mussels taste beautiful on their own but if you do want that little bit...

Alcachofas – Artichoke Stew

Ingredients 6 Fresh Artichokes500 g Fresh Broad Beans1 kg Fresh Peas2 Spring Onionsdried MarjoramOilSaltPinch Saffron1 Potato per person Method 1. Clean the artichokes by rinsing them thoroughly...

Meatloaf (Albondigon) in Tomato Sauce

Ingredients 500 g Minced Beef2 Eggs100 g Grated Cheese5 Large Garlic Cloves (for the loaf)2 - 3 Garlic Cloves (for the sauce)1/4 Onion1/4 Green or...


Ingredients 600gms mince meatHand full of grated Edam cheese2 cloves garlic (chopped)3 slices ham, 3 slices pork & ham, 10 green olives all choppedFresh parsley2...

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Creamy Mushroom Chicken and Pancetta

Ingredients 300 G Baby New PotatoesParsleyOlive Oil150 ML Single Cream1/4 glass White Wine (dry)Plain Flour200...


Ingredients 250g Mascarpone300g boudouir ( about 1/2 pkt)3 eggs ( 3egg yolks and 2 egg...

Light Fruit Cake

Ingredients 175g unsalted butter175g light brown soft sugar3 eggs250g Self raising flour2-3 tbsp milk300g mixed...

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Mama's 50 must-try vegan recipes.

It’s time for a new adventure! With the world changing and adapting to new surroundings and ethical movements to better the environment we live in, we thought it was time to challenge ourselves to create a vegan cookbook with some of our favourite recipes made fresh, and easy, using plant based vegan ingredients. We want to use simple everyday ingredients, with some easy alternatives, to recreate and veganise the dishes you love, so you can create new moments and memories around the food you love.

Justin Bautista

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